23 May 2013

Twitter, we’re flattered, really!

It turns out that Twitter liked our Spinal Tap analogy SO much, that they decided to use it for themselves – coincidentally in their new video product!

“Glenn Brown, Twitter’s director of promoted content and partnerships, said he hoped it would do for media content what Nigel Tufnell’s amplifier does in the movie “Spinal Tap”: “We want Twitter to take it to 11.”" -Business Insider

What can we say, except, we’re flattered!

06 Feb 2013

Kerri Walsh Jennings and her Windows Phone

Microsoft must really be expecting these things to sell because they’re pushing the windows phone HARD.  In fact, they got a celebrity endorsement from Kerri Walsh Jennings (and her kids). And as if you haven’t seen it already, here it is again.

05 Feb 2013

Awesome video of the week #53: San Francisco wins a cup…of Jello

Super Bowl ads this year might have been a little disappointing, but this follow up from Jello is brilliant. Nothing masks the bitter taste of defeat like the sweet taste of Jello! Who’s the big winner now Baltimore?

We love when brands come up with creative ads on the spot. This thing will go nuts on social media.

04 Feb 2013

Awesome video(s) of the week — Superbowl Edition

On the whole, the ads were a little disappointing this year. But there were a few that stood out.

Tide — Miracle Stain

A very clever poke at the crazy fandom of football, and the brand recognition is lasting and immediate. Very well done.

VW — Get Happy

This is just goofy, but it had us giggling the whole way through. Sometimes that’s all it takes to make a good ad campaign. “Respec’ bossman!”

Budweiser — Brotherhood

The Budweiser Clydesdales were first introduced in 1933, to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition. Budweiser has used them in various print and video ads ever since and the Clydesdales are now one of the most iconic images among alcohol brands. If this spot doesn’t make you sniffle just a little, check your pulse.

Mercedes-Benz — Soul

It’s official…Willem Dafoe is a little creepy. But this ad is entertaining.

Hyundai — Team

Take the topic at hand (football). Add some cute kids acting grown up. Blend.

This same description could be used to describe every E-Trade ad from the last decade, but their Superbowl ad this year was weak so Hyundai gets the nod.

01 Feb 2013

GaaB – “Games-as-a-Business”

Okay so we made that up, but they make a good point in this video. We’re looking forward to hearing more from the series.

14 Jan 2013

Awesome video of the week #52: Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy

Great new ad from Nike. Tiger and Rory go head to head in a competition to basically see who can cause more raw destruction using nothing but golf balls. Bowls of soup, wedding drinks, glass windows, all fair game.

I actually had to look up Rory McIlroy on Wikipedia. I guess that means I’m not a golf fan.

Great ad, but I seem to remember a very similar concept with a McDonalds ad back in the…late 80s or early 90s. I’m sure Nike didn’t intentionally rip it off.

08 Jan 2013

Awesome video of the… uh… month… #51

We got a little distracted by the holidays (Goodbye, 2012) but here comes 2013!

Speaking of distractions, CNN is proving their worth as a distraction and not just a news source – which is great when you’ve stared at your stapler long enough to make it feel uncomfortable, and gotten 3 cups of coffee.

12 Dec 2012

Awesome Video of the Week #50 – Air NZ meets Middle-Earth

03 Dec 2012

Awesome video of the week #49 – Google Search App: Martin Van Buren

Lets be honest.  We’d all have to do the same thing.  Quick thinking on Mom’s part, though.

01 Dec 2012

Awesome video of the week #48: Swagger Wagon

Ok, so this is the awesome video of the semi-week. This one deserves an out-of-turn post. Nice job Toyota.