08 Sep 2011

Awesome Video of the Week #12:

It’s not often we name our friends at specific ad agencies. We’ll make an exception in the case of this oldie but goodie by Boone Oakley out of Charlotte, NC, USA. The young company made its mark with this video at Cannes 2010. Audacious and funny, this video, watched 1.2 million times, was made by people who “get it”.

25 Aug 2011

Are Audiences Replacing Magazine Reading With Mobile Games?

Readers are finding fewer magazines lying around hair salons, according to statistics published at Adage. Several publications reduced verified circulation by nearly 25% as of 2010, which includes placements at doctor’s offices, hair salons, and other places where people wait in line. Reader’s Digest and Details are increasing verified circulation unlike other publications. However, they may be doing so to meet advertiser commitments. According to the Adage, “Reader’s Digest ramped up verified by 155%, to 9% of its total from 3.3% a year earlier. Without its verified circulation, Reader’s Digest would have missed its rate base for advertisers by 6.9%.”

If the verified circulation trend is decidedly headed downward, how do you efficiently target your ad dollars to reach your audience at the dentist’s office?

Mobile engagement seems to be picking up the slack where magazines are declining. Casual gaming company PopCap’s released research earlier this year which reveals that more than half (52%) of 2,425 respondents play mobile games during down time. In some countries like the UK, the rate may be as high as 73%. When PopCap limited surveys to just smartphones users, the rate of phone users playing games at least once a week jumped to 83%. One gaming blog has even published a list of the Top 10 games to play while standing in line.

There is also significant evidence that brand messages continues long after initial discovery; 47% of mobile gamers continue interacting at home. The trend is likely to continue since smartphones are poised to overtake traditional phones in terms of market share by the end of 2011. Incidentally, the trend seems to cut across culture and gender demographics. You might be surprised to learn which group in the U.S. sports the highest tablet adoption.

To recap:

  • Your audience is 50% likely play games during wait time on mobile devices.
  • Their most common alternative to filling dead time is declining in circulation.
  • They’re taking those games (and hence your brand) home.
  • The mobile gaming audience isn’t limited to one demographic group.

Which leads us to the obvious question: does your ad buy plan include this growing and engaging medium?

05 Aug 2011

Gaming is More Pervasive Than Most People Realize

The leap from television, news, and billboard advertising to online gaming feels like a pretty big shift for advertisers the first time. The measurability alone is enough: advertisers who spend a portion of budget on gaming obtain higher quality data, make better decisions, and increase accountability for your dollars spent.

There’s a larger social shift here making gaming one of the most potent channels to drive brand sentiment. By engaging gamers, advertisers increasingly engage trend setters. Said differently, gaming is far more pervasive than most realize, and is beginning to drive culture rather than reflect it. The most obvious examples of gaming driving culture are game-inspired moves such as Tomb Raider, Silent Hill, Doom, and Final Fantasy. But gaming is moving far beyond its humble roots. As you’ll see in the video below, academics like Jane McGonigal are even using gamers and social games to solve large scale problems in the real world. We hope you’ll enjoy one of our favorite TED talks as much as we do, and we’re sure it will impact your views on gaming as a medium for reaching affluent audiences.

20 Jul 2011

Awesome Video of the Week #4: Social Video Plot Twists

In what is probably the most innovative ad featuring a hearing-impaired person using sign language, we present the VW Tiguan.  We can’t divulge any more info without giving away the punchline, so enough chatter and on to the video.

Watch, share and smile:

07 Jul 2011

Awesome Video of the Week #2 Smartphone Gaming Gets Real

This week’s entry is hand picked just for you Angry Birds fans out there. Watch players use a simple smartphone to play a life-size version of the cult Angry Birds game. Complete with real shooting birds and exploding pigs. Six million viewers can’t be wrong.

Watch, smile ,and share..