Introducing AMPlify

AMPlify is the premier interactive video and content management control panel. Our platform combines the ability to distribute video and branded interactions in a variety of formats, preserving and improving both brand affinity and user experience. AMPlify is designed to:

  • Provide brands with effective ways of reaching audiences in interactive experiences across multiple media platforms including gaming, music, print, and video
  • Offer brands a way to penetrate large independent social communities with maximum targeted and unduplicated reach
  • Give brands the tools to gain deeper insight into how their messaging is being received and ultimately shared
  • Expand sharing and organic lift of brand messaging
  • Offer pricing models that allow for highly granular performance control

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Case Study: DirecTV

Clients like DirecTV use AMPlify to track campaign performance and drive viral spread for their most creative campaigns. Selected statistics for the “I am Epic Win” campaign include an organic lift of 3 to 1 unpaid to paid views.

Total Views: 1.6 million
Organic Lift: 1.15 million
Completion: 98.6%
View per Share: 9
Sentiment Index: 21:1